We are in the center of the Royal Center of Friendliness!


Perhaps you are here because you know one of us, who attends here. And you just want to “check out where they go”. Maybe you were looking for something specific and landed at our site… or maybe you just landed here by accident.

Ironically, it’s the same with many who have found spiritual healing through Jesus Christ. Some were intentionally searching… some found a Savior by accident… some conversions take a lifetime and some happen in an instant.

Doesn’t really matter what brought you here, any more than it matters how someone found themselves on the spiritual path of Christianity. We are glad you are here and we provide this information so that you might know more about us and we hope that in knowing more about us you will consider joining our worship… stopping by for some refreshment and fellowship… walking beside us as we seek to learn more about the God that has been revealed to us.

Feel free to walk with us… let’s enjoy each other’s company and lift each other’s spirits on the path toward Holiness!

What To Expect

We currently have one service which has a blend of traditional and contemporary praise and worship music. Let us welcome you in friendship and fellowship!

Our Sunday morning worship service is held out our Family Life Center (map below) at 11:00 AM. You can also join us on our Facebook page where we stream our service live.

Church Building

Church Office